Back in Time: Musicians Celebrate the Hits of the ’90s

A great crowd turned out to see and hear a wild mix of local musicians at the “Back to the ’90s: 1990-1995” local showcase at the Tin Roof on Sunday, July 28. The roster included several unusual combinations of colleagues and bandmates, and the sets featured an eclectic variety of hits and obscurities that came out between 1990 and ’95 — from the Black Crowes and Pearl Jam to TLC and Haddaway.

On the bill were John Heinsohn, Vikki & Lee, the Harrows, Maya Morrill, Waterfalls, Lindsay Holler and the Hollerettes, Aaron Levy, Alien Sandwich, Nicholas Doyle, Laura Jane Vincent, the Hibachi Heroes, the Jimmy Snyder Experience, and Glowgoyle. (I got to jam on Sebadoh, the Pixies, and AC/DC songs early in the evening with my Fairy God Muthas bandmate Doug Walters, too).

All proceeds benefited the Charleston Animal Society.

“I really really enjoyed getting bands involved with a new crowd, venue, and musical lineup,” Holler says. “That was the first time the Harrows and the Hibachi Heroes had played at the Tin Roof. There were a lot of happy faces in the crowd and on stage, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. You can’t ask for more than that.”

Holler’s own backing band featured keyboardist Gerald Gregory, drummer Stuart White, bassist George Baerreis, and guitarists Tim Shirley and Matthew Capdevila. “Those boys rocked,” Holler says. “It felt like there was a palpable wall of sound surrounding me, which was so much fun. Stuart and George really did an amazing job of supporting several bands. Those dudes are champions.”

“One of the highlights for me were Glowgoyle’s Rage Against the Machine cover ‘Killing in the Name,'” she adds. “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a crowd in the Tin Roof that pumped up before. The Hibachi Heroes entrance was awesome, and their medley/mashup was incredible. There was a lot of thought and work that went into that. Alien Sandwich brought the groove … and the smoke machine.”

“The biggest thing of all is that none of this would be possible without the support of the amazing people at the Tin Roof and all of the talented musicians who gave up a Sunday night to play a few songs,” she adds. “These shows are a testament to our flourishing music community!”




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