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Published on August 19th, 2013 | by Ballard Lesemann


Tyler Boone’s Kickstarter in Final Days, LP in the Works

Charleston-based singer, guitarist, and songwriter Tyler Boone launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this summer to raise funds for his latest studio project. He and his band plan to head into Ocean Industries on James Island in September and track eight new originals. Boone’s Kickstarter goal is $4,000. The deadline is Fri. Aug. 23 at 4 p.m. He’s just over halfway there.

Boone and the band started putting new original material together for the upcoming session even before they completed his 2012 debut full-length Changing Pace (King City Records).

Engineers Jeff Leonard and Eric Rickert will work together to engineer and produce the new tracks. Boone’s band for the sessions will feature his core members — Dan Rainey (guitar),

“Papa” John Fletcher (bass), Arthur “IV” Young (drums) and Dallas Corbett (backing vocals, also of Wrenwood). Guest players include Charlie Thompson on pedal steel, Paul Chelmis (of Donnie Dies) on keys, and Shannon Vogt with backing vocals. Extra horns (trumpet and sax) might even be enlisted during the session.

“The songs featured on Changing Pace were songs I wrote a very long time ago, with the exception of ‘Put It Down, which I wrote in the studio,” Boone says. “I’ve been working on this new record before Changing Pace — and even during it’s release.”


Tyler Boone (provided)

Boone worked on new demos with Matt Zutell of Coast Records.

“Since this is my second professionally made record, I got the budget made out for tracking, mixing, and producing for Ocean Industries. I’ve been working on relationships for better deals for cover art, mastering, and printing. This record is a huge deal for me, so I’ve been working on it’s budget for quite some time.”

After recording and releasing Changing Pace last year, Boone decided to take a few new approaches with the upcoming sessions.

“Getting demos made is key for this record,” Boone says. “I want to go in and have more of a direction and an idea what the song structure is, so that Jeff and Eric can start taking it apart and build it back together with a much better outcome. Just having confidence about what we did last time with Changing Pace is going to help push me and the other musicians to get the best sounding record we can.”

Compared to the melodic pop and riffy blues/rock on Changing Pace, Boone predicts the new one will come out differently. “It will have the touches of more of an Americana sound, slightly country but still with the blues/pop feel,” he says. “I really wanted this next record to showcase more guitar playing than just simple chords and melodies. I have two songs with more guitar playing and more chord structures that I am very excited to get out and perform. It’s such an exciting feeling recording, tracking, and hearing back through the speakers what your sound is turning into. I can’t wait for it.”

Aug 24th - Hootie - Tyler Boone

The Tyler Boone Band’s next shows include a set at Awendaw Green’s Barn Jam stage on Wed/ Aug. 21 and an outdoor gig at Homegrown Family Day — a free, pre-concert event on the Grand Lawn at the Family Circle Stadium on Sat. Aug. 24. It’s part of Hootie and the Blowfish’s annual Homegrown Concert Series, and several local bands will perform between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. alongside vendors and family games and activities. The roster includes singer/guitarist Caroline McLeod, Boone and his band, pop-rock quartet A Fragile Tomorrow, jam-rockers Atlas Road Crew, and Americana group Adalaya.

“We will definitely be showcasing some new material this weekend at the Homegrown event,” Boone says. “Our set is at 11:30 a.m., and it will just be a 30 minute set, Charlie Thompson will be out there shredding some steel pedal, so everyone should definitely come witness that.”

Visit and check out his Kickstarter page for more.

Top photo by Ballard Lesemann. 




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