The Supersuckers Cranked Up and Rocked Out

Wow. I think my eardrums are still recovering. The Supersuckers really cranked it at the Pour House last night (Sept. 13). Singer/bassist Eddie Spaghetti and guitarists Dan “Thunder” Bolton and “Metal” Marty Chandler each played Gibson guitars through Marshall amps, and they played at full-full volume. Their new drummer, Chris Von Streicher, nailed every quick-stop, snare fill, and ending.

Local singer/guitarist Skye Paige opened the show with a fill-in version of her backing band, the Original Recipe. It looked like the entire lineup of local Clash tribute band ¡Sandinistas! was on stage with her. They played a sturdy set for a small crowd. The hired hands knew the tunes well enough. It worked.

The room immediately filled up with old-school Supersuckers fans when Spaghetti and his crew hit the stage and plugged in. They covered plenty of material from their latest album, Get it Together, and they touched on their earlier albums as well (“Bad Bad Bad” and “Born With a Tail” stood out as crowd favorites). The choreographed guitar-god poses from Chandler and Bolton were hilarious.

Clad in his usual dark shades and black cowboy hat, a grinning Spaghetti directed the proceedings from his spot at center stage. He introduced himself and his mates as “the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world” several times during the set. There were hardly any hesitations or interruptions between songs. Bam bam bam, one rocker after another. The relentless delivery developed great momentum. By the time they announced their “non-encore,” fans were in a bird-flipping, beer-spilling frenzy. What a blast.

Thanks to Bryant Stowe for the extra concert pics above.





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