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The Punch List with Singer/Guitarist Rob Kampert of the Frizz

Metronome Charleston‘s Punch List series puts local musicians on the spot with a questionnaire that touches on music, venues, gear, records, vices, and more. This week, singer/guitarist Rob Kampert of Charleston rock duo the Frizz takes a turn.

1. What is your favorite local hang and why? 

“The Recovery Room and the Royal American are my favorites. Both have awesome food, drinks, and staff. The music they play at Royal is always good, and the slushy things rule.”

2. You know you’ve played an excellent show when…

“When we haven’t gone over the bar tab. It’s one of those things we can give ourselves a pat on the back for. Being responsible is cool.”


Rob Kampert of the Frizz (phto by Ballard Lesemann)

3. What was the last show you attended that really got you fired up in a good or bad way?

“The Paul Collin’s Beat show at the Tin Roof the other night [Nov. 4] ruled. The whole power-pop genre rules on so many levels, and he’s pretty much the king of it. Since Charleston doesn’t get that much music that I’m really into, hearing a guy I’ve listened to for years and play right in front of me was rad. There’s still a glimmer of hope left. Ha!”

4. Define your musical style in exactly 10 words.

“Fun, raw, simple, loud, fun, riffy, stupid, creepy, rock ‘n’ roll.”

5. What’s your theme song?

“‘Good Head’ by Turbonegro, besides me having to sling pizzas, the song is a pretty good description of myself.”

6. Gear-wise, what’s is your irreplaceable baby?

“I don’t have anything really irreplaceable. I’ve had a weird MIM Strat that I’ll probably never get rid of, but if someone were to hand me a bunch of cash for it, it’d be sold in a second. I go through amps like shoes. Pedals are stupid.”

7. What’s the most overplayed album in your collection?

LAMF by Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers and Nocturnal Missions by the Barreracudas. They rule.

8. When was the last time you were genuinely star-struck?

“I don’t really get star-struck. If Slash or Wayne Kramer were in the same vicinity of me, I’d probably try to ask them some weird question just to hear their answers. Two people I’d definitely resurrect would be Link Wray and Johnny Thunders — and then I’d force them to make a band because of the resurrection.”

9. What’s your poison?

“Wacky tobaccy, Red Bull, and fun in general. Ain’t looking for nothing but a good time.”

TheFrizz BigGun*

The Frizz at Big Gun Burger (provided)

10. In 10 years, I will be…

“Hopefully, not dead and with my fingers intact because I’m not trying to be Jerry Garcia. And still have feet because dancing is cool.”

The Frizz came to life in Charleston in 2013 when singer/guitarist Rob Kampert (formerly of the Lean Few) and drummer Neil Thomas (formerly of the Explorers Club) hooked up and started bangin’ out riffy, upbeat, fuzzed-out rock tunes with various guest players. They initially played around town and recorded as a trio. but they’ve settled into solid rock twosome-ness this year.

Kampert’s choppy chord work and rowdy solos draw equally from the trashiest garage-rock of the late 1960s (think Sonics, Love, Flamin’ Groovies, early Stooges) and the rawest early-era punk of the late 1970s (think Buzzcocks, Ramones, Devo, Swell Maps — if you can).

The band recently issued three new studio tracks on its Bandcamp page under the title Summer Demos. Rob and Neil tracked the tunes last spring in Atlanta with Matt McCalvin (of the Zoners) at the mixing board. “Matt’s been in Gringo Star, Mermaids, and now doing the Zoners,” says Kampert. “They’re all rad bands, and he’s an all-around rad guy who knows his shit. There’s more songs but I’m waiting to put them on out with other things.”

Most recently, Kampert’s been recording new Frizz material on his own studio gear. Stay tuned.

The Frizz shares the stage with First World Problem at the Recovery Room on Tues. Nov. 11 at 9 p.m. Admission is free. The Frizz will head up to New York for a big show at the Don Pedro venue on Sat. Nov. 15 with the Jigglers and Rob K. & Uncle Butcher: The Jam Messengers.

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Top photo by Ballard Lesemann.



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