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Published on March 27th, 2014 | by Ballard Lesemann


Tattooed Moose Hosts Guided by Voices Trib and Karaoke

Downtown eatery, tavern, and music venue the Tattooed Moose recently announced its weekly live music schedule for April. It looks like things will kick off with loud, microphone-swingin’ bang as Charleston-based musician/artist Kevin Hanley (of the Cord and Pedal collective) and a team of local players present “Guided by Your Voices.”

The event is designed as a tribute and live-band karaoke event featuring a variety of classic and newer material by the veteran Dayton, Ohio-based indie rock band Guided By Voices — mostly from 1994’s influential Bee Thousand and the late-’90s follow-ups Alien Lanes and Under the Bushes Under the Stars … and possibly a track from their latest collection, Motivational Jumpsuit.

GBV Karaoke

Expect a joyful, jumpy blend of power-pop, garage rock, and British Invasion rockstuff and plenty of high-kickin’ impersonations of lead singer Robert Pollard. Hanley and multi-instrumentalist Scott Dence (of Boring Portals, Dumb Doctors) will comprise the core “backing band.”

Many veteran Lowcountry musicians have fond memories of the GBV’s raw, refreshingly uncorrupted rock sound and pop sensibilities. During the heaviest most rocking moments of their classic performances, Pollard would swing his microphone like a spazzed-out Roger Daltrey and deliver soccer-punt high kicks. The group’s solid delivery and cool personality made a powerful impression on many who were hearing and seeing the band for the first time.

A poster for the “Guided by Your Voices” show reads: “We supply the sound, a wig, a shirt shirt, and a taped mic. You supply the vocals, the leg kicks, and the swagger.”

The club is open.

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