Scenes from the ‘TV Land Undercover Show’

Charleston songwriter Lindsay Holler hosted the second TV Land Undercover Show of the year on Sept. 16 at the Tin Roof. The Sunday night showcase featured a variety of local acts performing renditions of classic and contemporary television show theme songs. Some of the themes were spot-on, while others were totally reworked. It wasn’t quite as jam-packed with performers or attendees as at the previous TV Land-themed event, but there plenty of amusing and hilarious moments during the night.

Holler kicked things off with accompaniment from guitarist Jimmy Snyder. Their minor key, slow-moving cover of the theme to Sesame Street was delightfully morose. The show continued with a dapper, four-piece version of the V-Tones (Noodle’s kazoo work on the Muppet Show theme was good fun), songwriter Steven Fiore, a hybrid of Introducing Fish Taco and Glowgoyle (featuring Fowler’s Mustache guitarist Thomas McElwee on lead), the Fairy God Muthas (me and my bandmate Doug Walters), and Whiskey Diablo (who lived up to their name). Proceeds from the door benefited the local SPCA.




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