Scenes From the Tin Roof’s Wild Holiday Weekend

With so many shows going on in so many corners of the Charleston scene, it’s unlikely that we ever end up in the same music venue three nights in-a-row. Last weekend, however, drew us to the Tin Roof for a solid, beer ‘n’ bourbon-fueled Friday-through-Sunday residency.

Singer/guitarist Danielle Howle went electric and acoustic with backing from Firework Show guitarist Zach Bodtorf on Fri. Dec. 14. It was a pretty mellow affair with a small but attentive crowd in attendance. I was honored to be there as an official opener with my bandmate Doug Walters as the Fairy God Muthas. We even got the cheerful invitation from Howle to join in a few of her tunes. The brief jam session gradually went a bit psychedelic with Walters and Bodtorf trading riffs and phrases. Some of it grooved with a brushy hillbilly country beat while other moments landed in Pink Floydian territory.

On Sat. Dec. 15, Indiana-based rapper, dancer, and party animal Andy D and how wife Anna Vision rocked the miss with support from Charleston comedic rock duo Introducing Fish Taco and Orlando, Fla.-based alt-rock quartet Bambery. Things ran a little behind after Bambery showed up late after a trek down from Atlanta, but they dazzled the crowd with a spunky and percussive set of flashy guitar chords and dense harmonies.

The guitar duo of Charles Carmody and Dan Hanf got big laughs and cheers with some of their new animal-themed ditties (see the video below) and madman antics (they closed the show tangled up in a two-man heap). Clad in loud sweatpants and a sleeveless denim vest (no shirt), Andy D went nuts on the stage during his brief set, breaking’ and justin’ moves, jumping into the crowd, and shouting pozi thank-you’s from song to song (mostly from their latest album Warcries). The backing tracks were a bit loud in the mix, but he and Anna Vision made their points with no problem — and the main points were to dance, get nasty, and dance some more (see clip below).

The second annual Jinglebang holiday bash drew a huge audience on Sun. Dec. 16. A slew of local musicians arrived around 8 p.m. to check out the final performance schedule, Organizer Lindsay Holler hustled to get everyone situated while the stage filled up with drums, amps, and various gear. The V-Tones kicked things off with a ukulele-driven mini set, followed by Jimmy Snyder and friends, Steel Petals, Clint4, the Fairy God Muthas, and Glowgoyle (featuring members of Introducing Fish Taco, Fowler’s Mustache — and Santa Claus herself).

The late Jinglebang sets featured a mysterious, wandering, bearded sax player stepping on and off the stage, Silverbells, and collaborations between Maya Morrill, Jordan Igoe & Mackie Boles (with Brad Edwardson), Laura Jane Vincent, Rachel Kate (see clip below), Kevin Hanley, Danny Infinger, and members of Faces for Radio. Vikki Matsis & Lee Barbour and Lindsay Holler and the Hollerettes played late-night to close the festive party down. It was the most enjoyable Christmas concert we’ve attended all season.

Photos and videos by Ballard Lesemann and Jessica Mickey.




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