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Gallery: Comedy Action Shots from ‘BamBOOZEled!’

A great crowd of comedy fans, musicians, and friends shows up at the Tin Roof in West Ashley on Sunday, January 12 for Metronome Charleston‘s “BamBOOZEled!: The Greatest Acts of All Time Under One (Tin) Roof.”

Four feisty teams competed in the Comedy Team Trivia (we had to close it with a four-part Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke tie-breaker round).

Nearly two dozen performers from the local stand-up/improv and band scenes signed on to pay tribute to one of their favorite comics.

At 8:45 p.m., we kicked things off on the main stage. I did a nervous opening set as “Rodney Dangerfield.” My favorite Rodney joke: “I always felt like I had comedy in my blood. I only wish I had it in my act!”

Each performer brought their own style and energy to the show. Some brought original material that was inspired by their comic of choice. Others nailed bits and one-liners verbatim.

The roster went like this:

Andy Kaufman (Andy Livengood)
Hannibal Buress (Jeremy McLellan)
Mitch Hedberg (Kirsten Spinney)
Pete Holmes (Sam Hendry)
Joan Rivers (Lauren Krass)
Kyle Kinane (Peter Schwartz)
Bill Hicks (Drew Howard)
Henry Phillips (Dan Hanf)
Sarah Silverman (Mollie Howey)
Richard Pryor (Stan Shelby)
Dan Mintz (Andy Rider)
Yakov Smirnoff (David Corley)
Neil Hamburger (Jessica Mickey)
Brody Stevens (Vince Fabra)
Jon Dore (Jason Groce)
Sam Kinison (Michael Clayton)
Carrot Top (Tim Hoeckel)
Karen Kilgariff (Lily Slay)
Bruce McCulloch (Brett Nash and Magic Camp)

We raised some good money for Camp Happy Days, a program and site that provides a summer camp for kids battling cancer. Thanks to all who performed and attended!

All photos by Ballard Lesemann.



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