Gallery: 15 Things We Learned at Metronome Charleston’s Bash

1. Theatre 99 company members Jason Groce and Andy Livengood may not know much about rock trivia, but they provide hilarious answers. Example: the late great local record shop 52.5 Record’s slogan was not “It’s music, fuck you” [the correct answer was “Corporate Rock Sucks”].

2. Dan Hanf and Thomas McElwee (both of of Glowgloye) might love Michael McDonald as much as the Specs/CO. drummer (and Tin Roof bartender) Shawn Krauss, judging from their reaction to scoring a pair of tickets to see him. It was epic.

3. You may wanna wear protective gear when the Unawares start playing. Their most rambunctious fan did a sloppy handstand and fell backwards into local music writer (and the evening’s rock trivia champ) Devin Grant.

4. People really loved the “Ticker,” the Tin Roof’s frozen version of Ballard’s signature go-to cocktail (bourbon and ginger with a splash of bitters and orange). The first batch was gone in 30 minutes!

5. Some of Jordan Igoe’s songs may make you misty. It’s cool. Own those tears.

6. Someone needs to donate a new guitar cord to Johnnie Matthews of Elim Bolt. It crapped out on him during “Farm Kid” — one the most beloved tunes on Nude South. The band’s set was going strong, and they laughed it off, picking the song right back up once Matthews’ six-string was working again, forgoing the guitar solo. (Sorry, Jordan!)

7. You can add barbecued bacon to any sandwich from the Hello My Name is BBQ truck. Yum.

8. A blues-style harmonica perfectly compliments Lindsay Holler’s ballsy and soulful swagger.

9. It is pretty much impossible to stay on track with six bands playing in the span of five hours (but we tried).

10. Don’t stand close to the speakers when the Fairy God Muthas are playing. Unless you enjoy the sensation of your ears itching from deep inside your head.

11. An awesome crowd will spontaneously burst into singing the keyboard and viola parts in the breakdown of “Baba O’Riley” when Ballard is playing drums and singing it with the Fairy God Muthas.

12. Rachel Kate’s harmonies can enhance any song with any artist, anytime.

13. So, the Boring Portal’s Joel Hamilton plays tenor sax… in addition to everything else. Seriously, Joel, we wanna know: what can you NOT play?

14. Scott Dence and Brett Nash are equally as boisterous on drums and guitar.

15. Shows like this demonstrate that more people than not understand it’s not about competition, money, or dumb egos — it’s about mutual support and collaboration.

Photos by Jessica Mickey, Ballard Lesemann, and Jon Santiago.



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