Interviews Eddie Spaghetti and the Supersuckers, 2012.

Published on September 8th, 2012 | by Ballard Lesemann


The Pour House Braces for Eddie Spaghetti and the Supersuckers

The Pour House welcomes veteran scuzz-rock band the Supersuckers to the main stage this week. It’s the first time frontman Eddie Spaghetti and his gang have played the James Island venue. Spaghetti and his longtime bandmates Dan “Thunder” Bolton and “Metal” Marty Chandler (both on guitar) will have a pile of new riff-heavy song and a brand-new drummer named Chris Von Streicher in tow.

Since forming in Tucson, Arizona in 1988, the Supersuckers have been cranking out grungy, foul-mouthed rock ‘n’ roll with a heavy dose of outlaw country and old-school punk. After relocating to Seattle in 1989, they released a handful of albums on the Sub Pop label and did a brief stint with major label Interscope before releasing a string of CDs on their own Mid-Fi Recordings. Their most recent studio collection is a 12-song set of raunchy rockers titled Get it Together.

Speaking with Metronome last week by phone from the band’s homebase in Seattle, Spaghetti seemed mighty stoked about the Charleston show.

Metronome: Local Supersuckers fans have enjoyed a number of memorable shows at local venues like the old Village Tavern and the Music Farm. Some fans were bummed out by the band’s last headlining show [a reportedly disappointing set at the now-defunct Halligan’s] a couple of years ago.

Eddie Spaghetti: Charleston is one of our favorite East Coast cities to play, and it was a real bummer having to play a crummy venue that time. We do get rattled sometimes, but we always know that’ll we’ll have another gig the next day — and the next. We don’t get hung up on one bad show or one crummy venue. The odds are that bad shit is going to happen from time to time. But I like to see bands go through some sort of adversity on stage, whether it’s a broken string or something major. I’d rather see how they deal with a problem than see them flawlessly execute a show.

Metronome: Tell us about the band’s drummer situation. It wasn’t long ago that the band welcomed Scott Churilla [formerly of The Reverend Horton Heat] into the lineup. Now a new timekeeper is in there.

Eddie Spaghetti: We met Von Streicher when he was playing in Throw Rag. They were this great band from Southern California who are still going, but they don’t work very often. When Scott decided to leave the band, we were like, ‘Oh man, what are we going to do?’ Then we thought of Chris. Scott was an amazing drummer, but dealing with him on a personal level become such a headache that if it wasn’t for the fact that he such a great drummer, he would have been out of the band immediately. But he had such power behind there and was so good on he drums that we put up with him for longer than we ought to have, maybe.

Metronome: As the bassist, you obviously have a special connection with the drummer. It has to click in the right way. How has the addition of Von Streicher affected the band?

Eddie Spaghetti: It’s been the biggest breath of fresh air having him in the band. It sort of gives us a sound like when we first started, back when our first drummer used to care, so it’s been awesome.

Metronome: The raw, power-chord rock sound of Get it Together continues in the vein of band’s early material. There’s not much in common with some of the quirkiness of contemporary indie rock.

Eddie Spaghetti: Man, I don’t even get new music. I mean, I want want to, and I want to like new bands. I really want to hear something that blows my skirt up. But I don’t. I don’t hear anything new that I’m wild about these days, and that sucks because you want to have that kind of magic in your life. But it’s few and far between now.

Metronome: It’s been nearly four years since the band released a full-length studio album. Is there anything new on the horizon?

Eddie Spaghetti: We definitely have enough material because we’ve never stopped writing songs, but we haven’t had the right outlet lately. We’ve been releasing albums on our own pretty much for the last 10 years or so, but we finally tapped out of that and we’re looking for someone to help us release this next record. That’s been the hold-up. No one’s handing record contracts anymore, especially to a band that’s been around for 20 years. It’s great to have more control of your product, but the bummer is that people aren’t buying the records anymore. Music is just as popular as it’s ever been, but no one wants to pay for the music anymore, so that’s been putting a hurting’ on everyone’s wallet.

Metronome: The Supersuckers are approaching the 25-year mark. Has the band grown up or grown into something different from those early years in Seattle?

Eddie Spaghetti: We always kind of try to avoid growing musically, really. We figured out the formula right away, and we wanted to keep it like an AC/DC or Ramones or Motörhead. And, sure, we’ve made the same record over and over in a way, but it’s a good record and we like. And the fans seem to like. Obviously, we’ll grow thematically because you’ve gotta write about what you’re feeling, but I don’t think the sound of the band has changed that much.

Metronome: The work ethic hasn’t seemed to change, either. The Supersuckers seem to be as dedicated to road work as ever, right?

Eddie Spaghetti: That’s right, but we like it and our new drummer is a road dog and loves to do it, so we’re happy to get on with it.

The Supersuckers perform at the Pour House on Thursday, Sept. 13. Local singer/guitarist Skye Paige and her band open at 9 p.m. Admission is $13 ($11 in advance). See for more.

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