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Published on May 28th, 2013 | by Kevin Young


Here, Listen to This: The Pink Collar Comedy Tour

Pollen is in the air and Spoletians are descending upon the Lowcountry to satisfy their art-ons. Among the numerous awesome things coming to town is the return of the Pink Collar Comedy Tour, featuring the talents of four rising stars of the NYC comedy scene: Erin Judge, Carrie Gravenson, Abbi Crutchfield, and Kaytlin Bailey.

Two members, Carrie Gravenson and Kaytlin Bailey, put aside some time to take part in a round of “Here, Listen to This.” The concept is this, basically: we provided eight music videos for Kaytlin and Carrie to watch and documented their first reaction to each song. Posted below is their feedback, as well as the links to the videos they were watching.

Mr. T — “Treat Your Mother Right”

Kaytlin: Oh my God, the ’80s must have been terrible! [Note: She confuses MC Hammer with Mr. T.]

Carrie: Look at those camo shorts! What the hell!?

Kaytlin: Is this even a rap song? What genre is this?

Carrie: “Be somebody!” at the end. Well, I’m inspired.

Kaytlin: What did Mr. T do to somebody’s mom that made him have to do that? Community service project? I hope he didn’t write that.

Adele — “Make You Feel My Love”

Kaytlin: What’s wrong with her voice?

Carrie: She’s British.

Kaytlin: That does look cool, actually.

Carrie: Crap, is this going to make me cry? I’m not in the mood to cry. I have a show tonight.

Kaytlin: No one told them to refresh their phones, ’cause they go dark after a few seconds. Oopsie… Carrie, stop crying.

Born — “Devilish Of The Punk”

Carrie: Pro tip: Plug your equipment in before you start filming.

Kaytlin: I take it as a great sign of maturity that I wouldn’t date any of these dudes.

Carrie: You’re growing up … Is it hard to play the drums in a mosh pit?

Kaytlin: Yeah, but that’s a friendly European-type non-gun mosh pit.

Carrie: They have mesmerizing hair.

Kaytlin: [After the video] That was intense.

Alternative Reality — “The King That Never Was”

Kaytlin: Is this a community theater project?

Carrie: I don’t feel cool enough to even watch this … a minute and a half intro? That’s some balls.

Kaytlin: What is this a parody of?

Carrie: I think this is real.

Kaytlin: No…

Carrie: Is this Christian rock? I don’t understand.

Action Bronson — “Ronnie Coleman”

Kaytlin: Is it that guy’s face the whole time?

Carrie: [clicks ahead] Yeah. I think so…

Kaytlin: I feel like this isn’t for me. I’m not the target demographic … not to be racist. Is that racist?

Carrie: It’s actually kind of a cool song. I like it. Reminds me of Gorillaz.

Kaytlin: That’s racist!

Carrie: Gorillaz is a band! [both laugh, horrified]

Connie Francis — “Who’s Sorry Now?”

Carrie: Sounds kind of passive aggressive. “Who’s Sorry Now?”

Kaytlin: This is more my speed. Passive-aggressive white women.

Carrie: I wonder if she’s talking to a pet.

Pavement — “Cut Your Hair”

Kaytlin: [Totally confused] Did that guy just sneeze a cat? I don’t get it. Is this pro or against hair cutting?

Carrie: I want to know where these guys are now.

Kaytlin: I think I recognize my waiter… Did any of these guys get haircuts?! I don’t understand!

Carrie: I like that the Geico gecko pops up everywhere!

Kaytlin: Did any of them get haircuts? This poor barber! He thought he booked five appointments, but they all bailed on him! I hate teenage boys.

Sleater Kinney — “Jumpers”

Kaytlin: Yeah! Gotta get out of the office!

Carrie: This is my favorite. Who hasn’t fantasized about getting out of the office using office supplies … this one actually followed a cohesive story line! I like it.


The Pink Collar Comedy Tour returns to Charleston this week as part of Piccolo Spoleto Festival’s Stelle di Domani Series. They’ll perform at the Chapel Theater (172 Calhoun St.) at 9 p.m. on Thurs. May 30, at 8:30 p.m. on Fri. May 31, at 6 p.m. on Sat. June 1 and Sun. June 2. Tickets are available for $16 ($13 for seniors and students).

Visit and for more.


Pink Collar ladies (L to R): , Carrie Gravenson, Kaytlin Bailey, Abbi Crutchfield, and Erin Judge (provided)




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