Published on February 24th, 2015 | by Jessica Mickey and Ballard Lesemann


Gallery: The Second Annual BamBOOZEled!

On Saturday Feb. 21, the greatest comedians of all time invaded the Tin Roof… well, sorta. The second annual BamBOOZEled!, in which local comedians and all around-funny people take on the persona of a comedian of their choice and perform either that comedian’s material or new material inspired by the comedian, took place. Over 20 participants signed up, with Metronome Charleston’s Ballard Lesemann once again taking over hosting duties as Rodney Dangerfield. Over $300 was raised for our favorite local charity, Camp Happy Days, a great program and site that provides a summer camp for kids battling cancer, with lesser proceeds set to help reimburse website costs for Metronome Charleston.

The evening kicked off with a lively and challenging comedy team trivia hosted by Lesemann as the crowd trickled in for the big show. By the time the performances started, the room was packed full of enthusiastic comedy fans and supporters.

It’s difficult to pick out any stand-out moments of the night, as there were so many, but Peter Schwartz as Mitch Hedburg (his vocal mannerisms and delivery was impeccable), Moey Conway as Judy Tenuta (she nailed Tenuta’s brash, loud, and manic style), Henry Riggs as Steve Martin (complete with a banjo and an arrow through his head), and Tim Hoeckel as Jeff Dunham (seriously, if you missed his take on Dunham and his racist puppets, kick yourself) were particularly memorable.

The show served as a reminder about the incredible amount of comedic talent here in the Lowcountry, as well as why many participants started doing comedy in the first place—to have fun and make people laugh. Here at Metronome Charleston, we can’t thank everyone who attended or participated enough. We’re already looking forward to next year!

“The second annual BamBOOZEled!: The Greatest Comedic Acts of All Time Under One (Tin) Roof” included (in no particular order):

Ballard Lesemann as host Rodney Dangerfield

Andy Livengood as Andy Kaufman

Andy Rider as Julian McCullough

Jessica Mickey as Andrew “Dice” Clay and Neil Hamburger

Ryan Firster as Doug Benson

Hunter Gardner as Brooks Whealon

Jason Groce as Dave Attell

Dan Hanf as Chris Gethard

Henry Riggs as Steve Martin

Mike Brocki as Henny Youngman

Drew Howard as Bill Hicks

Brett Nash & Jason Groce as Craig T. Nelson & Barry Levinson

Kristen Spinney as Weird Al Yankovic

Peter Schwartz as Mitch Hedberg

Jeremy McLellan as Brian Regan

Marge Marshall as Chelsea Peretti

Tim Hoeckel as Jeff Dunham

Michael Clayton as Sam Kinison

Lain Healey as John Mulaney

David Corley as Larry the Cable Guy

Moey Conway as Judy Tenuta

Donald “Soup” Lindemann as George Carlin

Photos by Ballard Lesemann.



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